Which lv next?? Please help

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  1. Hi I need to choose my next LV bag?? And I don't know which one to buy. I already have neverfull, speedy and delightfull so I don't want anymore in those styles.

    Which bag shall I buy?? Any suggestions?? Any model pics too would be great.
    Thanks xx
  2. What about a vernis bag? I love the vernis Alma.
  3. sth vernis or epi or empreinte perhaps?
  4. Something small like Eva, Favorite or pochette.
  5. I agree...how about an Eva?
    It is a cute and versatile bag.
    Or maybe some other crossbody bag, like the Bloomsbury, Odeon, Siracusa?
  6. Eva!! Great purchase you won't regret it.
  7. Hmmm...are you looking for something a bit different? Maybe something from the epi or vernis lines, for example?

    I am loving the new Portobello (available in DE), but I'm not sure whether you're looking for another shoulder bag or not.

    Do you have a boutique near you? If so, I would suggest stopping by and looking at/trying on several different bags. You should be able to find the one (or several!) that speaks to you. :smile:
  8. Sounds like you have 3 very common yet functional bags. Buy something less common to spice it up. Emprinte?
  9. vernis alma!!! :biggrin:
  10. Yes buy a vernis or epi piece.