Which LV monogram is best for work??

  1. Hi LV lovers,

    I am looking for advice. Which LV bag is good for work? I need something that can fit files/papers, and even my small laptop. Thanks.
  2. what about this [​IMG]
  3. I was just going to say-Maybe the sac plat?
  4. is this one pretty spacious? how about the one with shoulder straps?
  5. I'm sure I will spell it wrong, but the batignolles. I want one and everyone said it can fit laptops, files, etc. It's a great bag.
  6. People keep raving about the Bat Horizontal with its wide berth for a laptop. The new epi pieces look great for work as well.
  7. Batignolles horizontal, and yes ! The new epi passy !

    I personally would prefer seperate laptop and files bag to a handbag though, just because I wouldn't want to carry around one overstuffed bag, better it be two, normally filled bags. I like the man laptop bags that Vuitton has to offer (they aren't monogrammed however).

    Nevski - http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10512982&SectionID=

    Huron - http://www.eluxury.com/browse/product_detail.jhtml?styleid=10954553&SectionID=
  8. Yep and its a shoulder bag whereas the Sac Plat is not.
  9. I love my Cabas Mezzo for work.
  10. THe Manhattan gm is so big and such a classy bag...I think it would be great for work!
  11. I was thinking the exact same thing.
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