Which LV makes the best beach bag

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  1. I want to use a LV for beach holidays . I have the Palermo GM , but not too sure whether it would be ok . Any ideas????
  2. How about the new Tahitienne/Matisse bag? That looks like it'd make a great beach bag, and it comes in some great summery/funky colours.
  3. Ya I agree..the Tahitienne bag can work as a beach bag, I dont see the Palermo as a beach bag!
  4. ^^^^ Yes, I totally agree with them.

    The TAHITIENNE would be a perfect beach bag.
  5. There was this beautyfull azur bag with rope handels but i'm ot sure if it's still avalaible and what the name is
  6. Absolutely Neverfull.
  7. Would that be GM???

  8. ^^^^ I *think* it was called the Pampelonne.

    Here is a picture of it posted by tPF member taco long ago.

    However, I'm not sure if its available anymore.

  9. Too cute......
  10. i use my noe as a beach bag
  11. Gosh, this is super cute! When was it released and how much is the retail? :nuts:
  12. The Tahitenne would look great at the beach but I would worry about stains since it is such a light bag. tPF member tink has a really cute set of Antigua cabas with the matching beach towel.

    The best over all would be finding one from the Ambre (spelling?) collection. The one that was translucent with the monogram pattern.
  13. Found the pics of what I was referring to. Looks like they are from 2004 cruise collection.

  14. TAHITIENNE, Neverfull, and bright color Epi Speedies are HOT!
  15. I think Azur Neverfull will make an ideal beach bag. Too bad, the wait is still long. If not, the Tahitienne is really cutez too. Love the blue ones with the contrasting white handles!