Which LV Line Has the Least Number of Quality Issues?

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  1. Hi, which of the LV lines of bags do you feel have the least problems with quality?
  2. epi
  3. I agree -- Epi
  4. Vernis, or Epi...although I guess some would say that colour transfer on light vernis is a quality issue. I've only ever bought bold/dark vernis, so I don't know first-hand about transfer. The vernis bags I have I cannot fault in any way at all, I carry mostly vernis and find the quality is outstanding.
  5. I have Monogram, Mini Lin, Epi and Vernis.

    I have only had to take 1 bag back to have the piping redone on my Epi Alma.
  6. Don't you think the Vernis is more prone to scratches than the rest? Have you had issues with scratches on your bags? :smile:
  7. Suhali and Mahina.
  8. Epi (:
  9. Epi
  10. Agreed with the others- epi lasts a lifetime as long as you're not too rough on it. Don't bend, fold flat, crush the corners, etc.

    Great line! Also, damier is pretty low maintenance generally.
  11. No. At times I have bumped a bag against something and thought for sure it would be scratched, but...nothing.
  12. I would agree with Epi
  13. interesting...
  14. Epi
  15. I disagree on the Epi thing. Look on Ebay at old Epi bags. A lot of them look just terrible. The edges are blackened, wrinkles in the leather, just horrible. I would say Damier ebene stays nicest looking the longest.