Which LV leather is tougher, Epi or Taiga or about the same? Thanks.

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  1. nm
  2. I think the taiga would be tougher. But only some men's items are made with it. So far, no handbags. What are you interested in buying?
  3. Not for me :smile:. I bought a Taiga credit card holder from LT for my SO. But I am having 2nd thoughts that it may not be as durable as the Epi stuff since my SO is quite rough on his wallet (I buy him a new one almost every year)
  4. I think the taiga will hold up better than epi. My husband bought a taiga desk agenda and the texture on it was amazingly tough. It would take a lot for it to show wear. I also think it's more masculine looking than the epi.
  5. That's really good to know. Thanks for your help!
  6. I think the Taiga is tougher but I don't own any pieces from either line. I just think it is based ont he few times I've seen stuff from the two lines.