which lv is this?

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  1. That isnt even jess! its paris!
  2. its very cute
  3. Love it. So jealous. Does bagnshoo have it in green? Or was that Star? Or both?
  4. Bagnshoo has the green one, and Star has a red one ! Lucky girls ! :lol:
  5. Ohh I loove that one! And damn how many dogs can a blonde airhead carry? :biggrin: :biggrin:
  6. That's what I was thinking ! It's not even Jess...HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The jessicastyle.com person seems to run parisstyle.org as well.. can you confirm jessicastyle.com ? :amuse:
  8. Oh ok I gotcha, I was looking at the username and pic and thinking what? HAHA! She should add Paris style to the sig too.
  9. wow..she's carrying a lot of pooches!