Which LV is "the one that got away" - what bag do you wish you had bought???

  1. Vernis zippy wallet in bleu nuit :sad:((( I saw it in the Sydney store before I left for Paris, but had the "romantic" idea that I'd buy it in Paris not realizing that it was all sold out and being discontinued. Totally kicking myself!
  2. white watercolour speedy (have the brown and love it!)
    noir mirage speedy
  3. the ones that got away:
    monogramoflage speedy
    mirage speedy
    cube speedy
  4. Graffiti speedy/neverfull in 2008.

    I was new in the LV scene so never knew what it was :sweatdrop: then i was more in LV and regret it !!!!
  5. Mirage Speedy
    Cube Speedy
    Roses Speedy
    Roses scarf
    Monogramaflage scarf
  6. None.

    I guess that is a good thing? :thinking:
  7. Mirage Speedy
  8. Watercolor speedy :sad: She is next in my wish list :smile:
  9. Suede Irene. :sad:
  10. Not many but there are a few
    1. Gold Dentelle Sarah wallet to match my fersen
    2. Polka Dot Morgane
    3. Motard Biker
    4. Green Graffiti Speedy
  11. Mirage speedy and Alma eclipse
  12. Oh yeah, I saw pics of that bag, it was awesome.
  13. I just saw it today... on eBay! Its the Monogram Canvas Bel Air... its so cute...
  14. watercolour speedy, one from the mono jokes bags,something in rose pop colour... farewell! :cry:
  15. Roses Speedy!