Which LV is "the one that got away" - what bag do you wish you had bought???

  1. Mirage speedy.
  2. the list goes on forever for me. half the bags i want right now LV doesn't make anymore. :c
  3. Watercolor speedy and alma mc black
  4. Monogramouflage!

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  5. Stephen Sprouse NF & Speedy

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  6. I wish I'd been into LV at the time that the Luco tote, the Cabas line and the Epi Pochette in the original red were available! I'd love to own all of those pieces! D'oh! :push: Whenever I can afford it, I always search for these items pre-owned in excellent condition. Fingers crossed!
  7. Many of those Murakami limited edition items >_< especially the cherry blossoms
  8. The Oskar Waltz
  9. I am new in the Forum and just getting started with Louis Vuitton. I'm so torn between 2 bags I've been stalking online - both not available - one Galleria Python PM and the Murakami MOCA hands Neverfull. Cannot decide which one...
  10. Rose Pop Alma...I was not into LV when it was available.:girlsigh:
  11. Richard Prince Monogram Pulp Weekender GM in yellow... I can't believe I pass on it...
  12. I would have to say for me it was Eye Miss You and the Watercolor speedy! Ugh I would love to get my hands on some used ones even, haha.
  13. Noir Mirage Speedy
  14. White watercolor and pink graffiti speedy :cry:
    I can't bring myself to spend 2K+ on a used one either
  15. Mirage Speedy :crybaby::crybaby: