Which LV is great as a travel bag? Rivington GM or NF

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  1. Am going for a holiday next month and am looking for a great less worry bag. Wondering which is better the Rivington GM or the Neverfull Damier Ebene MM. Love the zip on th Rivington for security reason but the NF easy access is so convenient too.
    ohhh goodness, I am so confused and getting sleepless night for days now. Please help this unfortunate soul.... (Cross finger) I hope they have them in stock in LV store where I am heading.
  2. I personally love the look of the Rivington GM over the Neverfull hands down !
    I love the zip on the Rivington , the straps are more thicker and the Rivingtion is more structured as well ! Good Luck :smile:
  3. Ohh yes, i forgot about the structured part. hmmm. Thanks, oceanbaby.
  4. Louis Vuitton Babylone. It makes a bold statement. Its pretty big but retains its flat physique without looking bulky.
  5. from your choices i would say nf
  6. Babylone is a pretty bag, so feminine and classy. Hard to come by now as it has been discontinued, isn't ? Besides, I might be crazy worrying about the vachetta instead of my holidays.:biggrin:
  7. Rivington since the straps are super comfortable.
  8. Your most welcome Kite214 ! I was looking at the Rivington GM only a few weeks ago actually at my LV store and thought it was a beautiful bag ! But I also love the Saleya MM and the Hampstead MM are my two favorite in Ebene as I do not have a Ebene LV bag yet........ ( I cannot make up my mine either LOL )!
    I have the Totally MM in Azur and love it to death........... plus love my Palermo GM that I have had since 2007 ! I too love a zip on a bag for security reasons when I want it ! Can't Wait to see your new bag :smile:
  9. oceanbaby how's the Rivington on your shoulder, isn't too bulky? I actually have the Galliera in ebene but a bit hesitant to use it as I don't want the metal plate to be scratch on the way to x-ray thing in the airport. I'm thinking of taking my chances but then on second thought I'd rather keep her safe.
  10. OMG you have the Galliera in ebene........ wow is all i can say....you are a lucky girl!!! Thats custom made right?
    Well yes to be honest with you the Rivington is a little bulky and I found the other two bags much more comfortable as they were more slim , I really did not like the straps on the neverfull at all very uncomfortable. Im waiting to try on the Hampstead MM as Iv only seen the PM and its too small for me..... im loving everything about the Hampstead MM especially the plate , it does not have a zip but neither does my Aurelia MM that I bought a few years ago and I love it dearly !
  11. :smile: thanks, luckily am one of the last people to get them SO'd. When you mean bulky, I am imagining your arms being hanging around? That's no good.
    The thin straps of NF puts me off too. I guess I have to consider the Hampstead... MM is always the safest size. I am getting OCD with these big plates not having them scratched unless I put some protector, I don't mind bringing my Galliera.
  12. rivington for sure.
    The NF just looks so unstructured :tdown:
  13. yes my arms did not hang comfortable on the Rivington at all ......but that is the only negative thing I have to say re the Rivington , as its a very pretty bag .
    The NF for me is not comfortable and not eye catching at all.
    Comfort is very important to me as well ........thats why Im waiting for my SA to call re the Hampstead MM ! Good Luck Kite214 !
  14. Were you able to try on the Rivington?

    I had my reveal a couple of weeks ago... I hope this helps.

    My newest acquisition... Rivington! (with modeling pics)

    The zipper is really a big advantage over the NF. You will be traveling and you need to feel secure about the stuff that you bring.

    In terms of volume, the Rivington is very roomy. I'm not sure what you will be packing into the bag but I'm sure it can handle most items.
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    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    Thanks,Zuhrah, I am viewing your reveals actually and you did enable me big time! Looks great on you. You're the perfect model for this bag.

    The only thing that worries me on Rivington is the feeling bulky in your arms. Have you have that experience on this bag? And I like the idea of the double zip too.

    As for the packing, ahhh, the stress of travelling hasn't hit me yet hopefully this bag will fit my zippy wallet, DD psp, baby wipes, passports/tickets, small make-up kit, camera, ipod and magazines. Also, some light jackets.