Which LV? help..

  1. Hey ladies,
    I have quite a situation on my hands right now, My birthday just passed and I had my heart set on getting this gucci bag (don't hate me) but you know that feeling. My brother in-law worked their and got 50% off but he quit, so I didnt want to pay full price and feel cheated if it goes on sale in the outlets. So I finally decided to get an LV since they don't have an outlet and I don't have to worry about it being cheaper somewhere else. Also, hearing the rumors of the price increasing I wanted to get one before this happens.

    Now here's my conundrum: (Don't hate me) There isn't one particular bag that I HAVE to have... Out of all of them I like the Speedy 25, 30, and the Batignolles vertical, horizontal. I'm 4'9 about 100 lbs I'm small but I carry a lot of stuff. I like the speedy but it sag's, i like the Batignolles but it doesn't have a zipper, and i feel the vertical and horizontal are very different. I kind of want to have an idea of what I want before I go to the boutique, but I'm so confused. Please please please help.

    What are the pro's and con's of each maybe that might help me, or even tell which one looks nicer to you.

    Sorry so much writing
  2. If you get a speedy, you can put a piece of cardboard in the bottom of it and presto...no sag! LOL! The batignolles I agree with you I don't like that they don't close either. But for a shoulder bag, how about the Cabas Piano? It's kinda like the BH, but zippers and it's very roomy.
  3. I'm not sure what the Cabas Piano looks like
  4. ^^^ This is what a Cabas Piano looks like:


    I think the Popincourt Haut would be perfect for you!

  5. Oh yes I second the Popincourt Haut! It's TDF!
  6. I have both Speedy 30, and the Batignolles horizontal.

    First of all if you carry a lot of stuff the speedy 25 is going to be way to small. You should cross that off your list. Only consider the 30. If you are worried about the "sag" I put take an empty DVD case and open it up and put it on the bottom- ZERO sag. Also you can buy speedy bases on eBay or a pursekit.

    But, if you prefer a shoulder bag I LOVE LOVE LOVE my BH. I have never had any problems with it not having a zipper. But if having a zipper is important you should check out the Popincourt Haut. It would be perfect for you!

    Godd luck. Let us know what you end up getting.
  7. for your size:

    1. I'd suggest the BH (the vertical will only make you look shorter imo cuz the bag will look way too long and hang below your hips.... speaking from a person who's only 5'2...):
    the only thing that I personally don't like about it is that it has canvas lining (the same applies to the speedy) cuz I prefer alcantara. The zipper thing is not a problem, cuz my arm's always "clutching" it. It's not like I hold my arm up at 90 degrees...

    2. Speedy 25 (drop the 30, it looks ginormous on petites like us...):


    3. like John suggested, I think the popincourt haut is another great choice
  8. i am 5'8 and have the speedy 25. i also have the cabas piano, but i feel that it is a bit small. go for the speedy... it's classic! i bought my cabas piano first and just couldn't get the speedy out of my head so i ended up buying that too. i love the batignolles though if you prefer a shoulder bag!
  9. I agree about the popincourt haut ... sounds perfect for you!
  10. I think the Popincourt Haut would be really cute on you!!
  11. Wow thanks, this is a lot of helpful information and I will definitely consider all this today when I buy the bag
  12. Hi, yeah the "Popincourt Haut" would be great for you. It is gorgeous and draws lots of attention. :smile:))
  13. I have a 25, I have a catalog in the bottom of mine so it doesn't sag too much, LOL.

    I just got a BV for Christmas and love it (i'm 5'4). I think batignolles are so nice and tailored looking.

    If you want a shoulder bag, go for the batignolles or popincourt....otherwise, i'd get a speedy bag.
  14. Another vote for Popincourt Haut, I have one and love it. It can be used as a shoulder bag or handheld as the straps are adjustable.
  15. The Pop Haut is so cute!