Which LV hard-case luggage should I buy for home decoration?

  1. Today my mom approached me with a very interesting question, she's asked me to help her find a (brand new, non-vintage) hard-case luggage that she will put on show in her living room for decoration.

    She didn't tell me any specific brand, so I suggested her either LV or Goyard. But Goyard will be quite difficult to obtain here as there is no official Goyard dealer in Bangkok. Plus, I think Goyard will be a lot more expensive than LV. So LV is the only way to go unless we check out the antique stores.

    She told me a budget of US$15,000. We have several LV catalogues at home (not the latest Gold one tho) and I've been having a hard time picking one (the trunks and cases are shown in the first pages). Not sure about the prices as well, will call LV soon.

    So far I have the Malle Courrier * M13210 (43"x22"x19") in mind. Otherwise we could buy three Alzers (32"x20"x10") and stack them. The Malle Courrier will have to be special ordered (up to a year's waiting time) but the Alzers can be bought immediately.

    What do you think? Any experience to share?
  2. The Malle Courrier would be a good choice.
  3. A Coffret Merveilles PM
    A Coffret Merveilles GM
    A Special Order cube-shaped incremently larger than the above
    A fourth Special Order cube-shaped incremently larger than the above

    She can them keep them within each other like russian dolls, or stack them on top of each other for display. May I suggest Custom paintings of dice-dots on all of them, otherwise custom painting which reveals a message/poem/favourite quote of her choice only when each of the pieces are positioned side by side in a certain way. She can always add more pieces to make the 'set' larger and more elaborate.
  4. Thank you for your very good advice! But does your recommended pieces fall within the US$15000 budget?
  5. Oh wow, how fun! I think the 3 trunks sound the best, a large at the bottom, medium in the middle then a smaller one at the top!
  6. Cool! I guess it will depend on how big is your living room though. I am pretty sure LV will have a Malle Courier stock up somewhere so you don't have to wait that long.

  7. get the BPV it's onlu $1350:graucho:
  8. Cheers, but what's a BPV? lol
  9. what a great idea! :tup:
  10. What is the decor of the room?
  11. clean modern design with armani casa/starck furnitures, warm/earth color tone.

  12. ^^^^

    Fantastic Idea.....I would never have thought of that!!
  13. I don't know much about LV luggage, but I just have to say I LVoe the idea of an LV luggage trunk as decoration in the livingroom!
  14. lol.....i wish my mom would let me pick out trunks to put in our living room... :smile:
  15. That sounds GORGEOUS...I would love to see pictures if anyone has a display like this or gets it in the future.