which LV handbags have the alcantara lining?

  1. I am wondering if anyone knows which bags in particular have this wonderful lining - it is so beautiful both in sight and touch.
    So, I'd love more, which bags have it? I already have the ManhaatanGM.

  2. The Recital :yes:
  3. The MC speedys too.
  4. The bags in the Multicolore line have the alcantra lining. Not sure about all of them, because I don't own them all ... ha ha!
  5. Gosh there are so many that have them.. Mono, Damier,
    it would be hard to list them all. If you go to the vuitton.com site and click on a bag that you would be interested in it should tell you if there is alcantara lining.
    This is a great question for putting together a list for the LV reference forum.
  6. Some of the damier, speedy ? saleya
    Mc's I think almost all the bags do... including the pochette

  7. speedy, pochette, mini lh, alma,Aurelia mm & gm, Audra, Trouville, Pochette MM & gm
  8. Hmm...

    For the mono line, I know that the multipli-cite, excentri-cite, viva-cite gm/mm/pm, wapity, and partition (discontinued) have alcantara lining

    Damier is hard because almost everything in the line has red lining.
  9. The (mono) babylone does
  10. PS--Bernz, congrats on your interview! Best of luck
  11. Monogram Canvas:
    Viva-Cite PM
    Viva-Cite GM
    Cite GM
    Coussin GM
    Manhattan PM
    Manhattan GM

    Damier Canvas:
    Ribera MM
    Ipanema PM

    Monogram Multicolore:
    Lodge PM
    Lodge GM
    Pochette Accessoires
    Speedy 30

    Epi Leather:
    Pochette Accessoires
  12. I don't think I saw anybody list it but the duomo has alcantara lining, too. Damier speedy does not, it has canvas lining.
  13. The Mizi and the Klara have it as well.
  14. if i am not mistaken, almost none (or none at all) of the vernis or monogram mat bags have alcantara linings. None of the taiga bags do either...

    the only men's bag (that i can think of) that has an alcantara lining is the st.louis pochette, and it has a unique light brown lining, unlike most alcantaras, that are either beige or raspberry. i think the musette lines also have the light brown alcantara (come to think of it).
  15. Oh, thanks. :shame: