Which LV handbag do you carry most days?

  1. Right now my Speedy 30...waiting for my PH.
  2. Denim Speedy :love:
  3. It used to be my black MC alma, but ever since my new LV purchase it's a tie between that and my manhattan GM...;)
  4. damier speedy 25. my other LVs havent seen the light of day since I got it.
  5. I've been loving the BV lately.. love it !
  6. damier speedy 30
  7. Batignolles Horizontal!!
  8. Saleya MM for me... Gawd, I'm fickle!
  9. Lately it's been my Damier speedy 30...mostly because the weather has been so fickle out here...in the morning the sky is blue and then all of a sudden rain....and the Damier is great for rain!
    In between rainy days I've been cycling in my new bags I haven't worn yet (this week was a graffiti pochette week!)
  10. Cabas Piano!
  11. It was my Red Speedy 25, but lately I'm back to my old go-to bag. Mono Alma. I just love her.
  12. Lately it's been my damier speedy 25. It's been raining everyday here for the past week. I got the damier just in time!
  13. I use my Manhattan GM everyday unless it's rainy. Then I will use my Alma as it has more of a patina.
  14. Either my Fawn Epi Petit Noe or my Ellipse PM!
  15. Between hudson PM and lexington