Which LV for work?

  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    I am new to this forum and I have decided to buy an LV bag for work. I love the design of the speedy, unfortunately, I like my bags on my shoulder instead of holding them in my hand.

    Any ideas on what bag would be perfect for work? I plan to put a laptop (space permitting) and other papers and stuff inside it. From all the discussions that I have read so far, most either get the BH or the Neverfull MM, but these bags are open. Is there anything like them that can be closed?

    I hope you can help me :smile: but right now I am seriously considering either the BH or the Neverfull MM :smile: thanks everyone!
  2. BH would be great, or cabas piano or mezzo.
  3. I've just ordered two new bags for University......the Monogram Cabas Mezzo and the Manhattan GM. Hopefully they'll be big enough for all of my stuff.

    I can't wait for them to be delivered!
  4. i just got a speedy 30 and planning to get Neverfull MM and Batignolles Vertical for work...
    i think they all 3 look very nice and elegent. but i believe neverfull MM and BH can fit relatively small anf light laptop. But i suggest u dont spoil ur bag by doing that. get another bag for laptop
  5. I'd go with the BH or the Mezzo.
  6. If you want one that zips closed, look at the Saleya MM.
  7. Or the Naviglio, which is more of a messenger style, but still pretty, IMO.
  8. I'd go with the BH
  9. A lap top is really heavy. I wouldn't recommend using anything but a bag designed for it. I have a seperate Monogram brief case that can be carried with a strap or by the handles. It's HEAVY!

    The Mezzo or BH are by far my favorite bags. But, everyone should have a Speedy. Get a shoulder strap for it.
  10. I love my Saleya
  11. I think the Saleya MM would be perfect. It zips shut, and you can carry it on your shoulder or use it as a handheld! Plenty strong enough for a computer.
  12. thanks for all the info guys! will try out all ur suggestions when I go to the LV store :biggrin: