Which LV for rainy days?


Bling Queen
Sep 11, 2006
Hello beautiful people!

I would love to hear which LV bag you would take out on a rainy day...

For practicality and "No-freak-out" moments, I take out my Damier Ebene Neverfull or Epi Speedy.

But for those times when you want a bit more oomph, which LV bag comes out of your closet? :smile:

Thanks...waiting for your replies!


Mar 10, 2007
I live in a very soggy place where it rains much more often than it is sunny so if I waited for sunny days to use my bags I would hardly ever use them! I take all my bags out in the rain and I find that rain has never caused water stains. The drop gets on the vachetta and initially leaves a big splash mark but in less than a minute it dries on its own and disappears. I even take my delightful out in the rain with the wide vachetta handle with no issues. Ebene and epi are probably the most worry free but I do not limit myself to those just because of the weather.