Which LV for my "Push Present"??


Oct 29, 2007
I am due Sepember 15th, and my husband has agreed to get me an LV of my choice as a push present. I would like a large damier bag. I am down to 2 (I liked the look of the sistina, but did not like the strap over the top, and I have had LVs with clasps like that, and they tend to get scratched pretty easily).

So the 2 are: Damier Neverfull GM and Trevi GM (big price difference, but I want to go with the one I would enjoy the most)

Pros/Cons Neverfull:

Easy to get in and out of
Holds a ton
Easy to care for, pretty indestructable
Basic in style
Many people have it
Shoulder bag only

Pros/Cons Trevi:

Not many people have it
Does not hold as much as neverfull
2 ways to carry bag (shoulder/hand held)
Alacantra lining pretty, not as indestructable as Neverfull canvas

Please Help, and add any other pros and cons you can think of. I am a very indecisive person!!!:smile:


Jul 9, 2009
I have the Neverfull mm in Damier and I'm totally in love with it! The gm will work great as a mommybag for you as well! I think the Neverfull would be a great decision! But I also love the Trevi, and I think Trevi will be the next LV bag for me. I love that one to! I think you should think about your future needs and what kind of a bag you need right now. A beautiful everyday bag or a stunning more elegant bag? Which ever you choose I think you will end up with a gorgeous bag! Congrats!


Oct 29, 2007
Thanks for the input!! I wanted something to use as an everyday bag, but something I could dress up or down that will hold my stuff plus a few baby items.


Punjabi Princess
Aug 2, 2009
Birmingham (ENGLAND)
Go for the Trevi gm...it's gorgeous...just bought mine today. It's big yet classy. The only thing is, nappies & milk bottles may ruin the red lining inside, so you may wish to keep it as a special; going out bag and have another baby bag from a high street store for everyday baby stuff. Good luck with the delivery! Let us know whether you have a boy or a little girl! :smile:
Jul 23, 2006
I love the Trevi but not as a mommy bag. My damier NF is my everyday mommy bag and it's wonderful. Lightweight, holds a ton, and gorgeous. Now, I had the Trevi and sold it because as a mom to an infant, I knew that I wouldn't carry it much. Now, I want it back as my special occassion bag. So, I say get the NF for the Push present and add the Trevi later...............................