Which LV for an evening bag??

  1. I have a cerises pochette accessories, which could double up as an evening bag, but just that night I carried it, and I think the cutesy cherries (i love them, don't get me wrong) kind of makes it less elegant.

    And so.,..I'm wondering, which other bag would be perfect? So far what I have in mind is the Sonatine...any reviews on this?

    No preference for either hand-carried or shoulder bag, but I'm not planning to put too much in the bag, just keys, wallet, phone and some makeup.

  2. i think the EPI pochette is quite classy for an evening bag... or something from the Vernis line like... the lexington is quite nice too... but IMO i think the cerises is SO cute! Monogram can be dress up or down... :amuse:
  3. how about the Pochette Marelle or Multicolore Shirley? i have both and i've used them as evening bags before. they work as clutches and shoulder bags :yes:
    pochette marelle 001.jpg pochette marelle 003.jpg pochette marelle shoulder 001.jpg pochette marelle shoulder 003.jpg shirley 001.jpg shirley 003.jpg
  4. I like the sonatine. That's all my want list. :yes:
  5. hmmm the marelle looks nice! is it roomy??
  6. I have one in my showcase (My Hong Kong Honey's)...that is great for evening. Black vernis....but I don't know the name:Push: . Not only do I not know the name...but I don't know how to attatch a thread...so all around I am not a lot of help, but if you feel like doing a little legwork...you can look it up:biggrin: !! It has been the best evening bag:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: .....

  7. Me too!
  8. Vernis lexington in perle.
  9. Shirley or the Sonatine.
  10. I wouldn't carry a monogram canvas bag with a black evening dress. I think your bag should match your outfit. I think a monogram bag would be okay if you're wearing brown or a monochromatic variation - tan, taupe, etc.
  11. Lagoon clutch in perle ? It's so elegant !
  12. I use a partition as an evening bag.

    It's the square piece on the left :smile:
  13. how about the honfleur? :smile: tt's a nice classy bag as well, esp in the epi. :love:
  14. Pouchette Marelle is a lovely choice! :smile:
  15. I love the MC Shirley for an evening bag.
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