Which LV fabric is the best for a man?

  1. My boyfriend needs a cute pochette or little messenger to carry phone, wallets and so on..
    I would like to give him as a gift a LV bag..(maybe for our 2nd anniversary)
    i searched on Vuitton site and my favourite is Dimitri:love:
    but i also like the cute shape of mono Pochette Gange..do you like monogram canvas on a men? or you prefer Taiga, Epi, Utah?
    So, in your opinion , what is the best canvas/cuir for a man?
    (i don't like Damier or D. Geant on my boy, so don't say this!:lol:)
  2. definitely the taiga line.
  3. Taiga line:yes:
  4. I think Damier is nice!
  5. I like Damier.
  6. daimer.. but if you dont really like it, taiga line all the way!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks girl!
    I really like Damier, but for a woman...:yes:
    I think i get a Taiga piece, it's so lovely!
    I don't remember who put pictures on forum, but i loved a messenger and wallet in Taiga!!:love:

  8. I like Taiga and Epi.
  9. Personally, I don't like Mono Canvas + Damier on a guy - at least not as a bag, a wallet or sth. like that would be ok.
    I like the Utha leather best, then Taiga :yes:
  10. Taiga is great, but for your purposes the Utah Sac Plat might be just perfect.
  11. Taiga or Utah - a friend of mine bought a Utah messenger bag and it looks awesome!
  12. I love to see men carrying Mono or Damier, my husband isn't into designer men bags just the clothing.
  13. Yumm, this bag seems perfect for him!!:nuts:
  14. Nomade, hands down !

    (Followed shortly by Utah and Taiga).
  15. Taiga!

    The Nomade is also nice but gets scratched easily, the only thing I don't like about Utah is the brown color... but if he likes it it might be even better than Taiga