Which LV do you use the least or regret buying?

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  1. For me it is my Mono Montsouris Backpack. I bought it as I used to use a Texier Backpack before LV :smile: (I wore it on one shoulder not as a backpack) for travelling to leave hands free so then I thought I will get an LV but it really was a waste as I never use it & prefer to use a "classier" bag for travel now. Maybe it is an age thing :smile: but even my daughter won't use it! My one & only LV mistake :sad:
  2. red epi pochette. i guess i was in a pochette collecting mood. i used it only once. but since then i made very sure that every bag i bought i would use.
  3. I have no LV regrets.........:heart: em all.
  4. Montsouris, I bought it after my 2nd child..thought I would use it because it is hands free. I ended up being paranoid that someone would steal my wallet from my back...I felt vulnerable.

    Tried to list it on eBay a while ago, the auction got pulled. It is the real deal, so I was very confused as to why they targeted me.

    I guess I will pass it on to my daughter someday. She likes to wear it around, she is 4 now.
  5. Use the least: Bag: MC Speedy 30
    Use the least: Accessory: MC Wapity

    Regret: NONE!!!
  6. Least used.. ? Probably my speedy 25 & perle PTI but I have no regrets ! :yes:
  7. The LV bag I use the least would have to be my Ellipse Moyen Modele...but I don't have any regrets about it.

    It was an investment!!
  8. Pomme d'amour envelope plate is the least used. Well, never used actually! But I don't know whether I regret it.... It's too pretty to regret!
  9. i use mini hl the least, but it is so useful!
    i used to regret it, but now i dont!
  10. I bought a Groom Agenda and *never* used it. I regretted the purchase; felt like I had thrown three hundred dollars away.

    But do I regret it now? Nope! I took it back, got my cash, and bought a new pair of Rock and Republics! Whee!
  11. None - love them all. :yes:
  12. My keepall 55. So I sold it. I was too worried about damaging it and I never used it......got some cheaper luggage to fly with now;)
  13. My least used is my Lilac Epi Honfleur. I like it but for some reason it just doesnt' get used. Now that I bought a Chanel clutch I know she'll never get used. Don't regret buying it, but woudln't mind having the cash I paid to get something I love to use, not just like.
  14. My miroir pap ....it is so pretty but I know I won't use it ...she will stay in the collection:heart:
  15. hmm..I try to put my stuff on rotation. Like bag right now is Gucci (I know, not LV) and "wallet" is flat pouch. But I'm going to switch to speedy 35 tomorrow and damier cles...then Monday it might be back to Gucci but damier cles.