Which LV can I attach to my key chain?

  1. So I am a new LV lover and I am wondering what I can attach (like a little change pouch or something) I can attach to my key chain? What is it called so I can ck it out on elux...thx!
  2. There's many, many styles of change holders, pochette cles but eluxury just calls it a key and change holder.

    Here's the basic:

    And here's some other ones:



    And some actual keychains.

  3. ^^^Thank you! The first one is exactly what I was thinking of!! ;)
  4. I use this MC cles:
    It has taken a beating in the last couple of years.:lol:
  5. Irene, Does that hold change?
  6. Yes, its the same as the others above just in the multicolor.

  7. Yes, it does.:biggrin: Change, debit/CCs, driver's license, etc. Very handy thing to have.
  8. I Want The Red Epi So Badly!!!
  9. I Also LOVE The Valet Key Holder In Framboise!!!
  10. [​IMG]
    I like this one.
  11. Does anyone know the current price of this item ??

    In USD or CDN ??

  12. monogram & damier is $145.