Which LV bandeau would suit my Hermes Evelyne the best?

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  1. So I'm finding the strap of my Cyclamen Evelyne GM to be too short for a messenger bag and too long for a shoulder bag! :push: So I'm wanting a bandeau to convert it into a shoulder bag if you know what I mean...so that it fits under my arm.

    Which bandeau do you think would look best? I'm thinking maybe the White Multicolore. Also, I'd like to be able to wear it as a scarf or something when I'm not using my Evelyne.

    Here is a pic of the bag:


  2. wow...what a beautiful Evelyne....love the color!!
    Anyway.......i think the white MC sheer scarf would look great...the pinks would really blend well, but you probably wouldn't want to see MC LV's tied to your H bag !!!!!! There is also a new scarf out that has pinks but it also displays LV trunks and handbags....are you ok mixing scarves that scream LV with an Hermes ???
  3. white multicolore..that would look adorable arnott!!!!
  4. i would actually go with an hermes twilly instead
  5. I think that the multicolor would look great!
  6. I looked through the visual aides and can't find any modeling pics of the white MC bandeau worn as a scarf. Anyone have any pics? :smile:
  7. I like the pink Sweet Flowers Bandeau and the Rose Etoile Bandeau.
  8. Yes, thats what I was going to do with the bandeau. (The way its done in the first pic)

    And I definately don't want it permanently shortened.
  9. My aunt says that I shouldn't mix brands...but I don't think I mind. :shrugs: What do you think?

    What sheer scarf?
  10. ^
    You can mix brands, but don't do an overkill and get a monogrammed bandeau! I'd say get something more subtle, it doesen't matter if it has fleurs, like the etoile (or was i champs elyées one. ?) Anyways, good luck!
  11. I totally agree with this I'd also like to add pink perfo if you can find one it's discontinued
  12. White MC!!!!:yahoo:
  13. I like the white MC and I love Label Addict's suggestion about the pink perfo.