Which LV bags do you think have been "forgotten"...?

  1. Not a day goes by on tPF that I don't see or read a thread about Speedies, Pochettes, Agendas, etc. Those widely carried bags and accessories. Of course, they're classics for a reason!

    But as I was browsing eLux and the LV site, I realized that there were lots of bags where I was going, "Oh hey...I remember that bag!" or even "LV made that??"

    I guess my point is, through all those common bags, are there some bags that you feel have been "forgotten" but deserve just as much credit?
  2. The LV Bucket bag comes to mind.....
    I still love mine, but rarely use it !!!!
  3. ^I agree- I love my petit bucket bag, too.

    I think the Illovo PM/MM and Soufflot are two I don't hear much about and had to search for information on here before I bought them.
  4. Yep.. the bucket and the Montsouris backpack. I know a lot of ppl don't particularly like the Montsouris, but everytime I see one being worn, I have to smile.. it's so casual yet chic and cute!
  5. Luco is the perfect structured tote bag imo! :biggrin:
  6. Backpacks!!!
  7. Alma
  8. I would say the bags that are stored in the back of my closet...Vavin & Bucket...more the Petit bucket though!
  9. ^^ITA- the Luco and Babylone were always overshadowed by the Mezzo.

    Also I'd have to add:
    -Drouot, Blois, & Trocadero
    -all the Cites
    -Danube & Nil
    -Hudson (PM & GM)
    -Sologne & Saumer
    -the Tikals
  10. Of course I have to say the Multipli-cite, since am expecting one in the mail very soon!!! I had forgotten about the practical, big tote (I looove big bags!) until I saw a gal carrying one and it looked so sharp!!!!!!
  11. I don't know what to add, but my Mom uses all three of her Tikals and Vive Cite all the time. I've been using my Ellipse PM as well. It's the one that gets the most comments.
  12. The whole LOOPING family....
  13. viva cites and tulums!
  14. everything thats been said so far. I think the most neglected BAG line is damier. I was looking through the catalogue and thought damiers bag are all in for the most part in very bizzare and impratical shape. With the exception of the speedy and ilovo and the small leather goods.
  15. I don't hear much about the Congo bags, even though they're (I think?) a pretty recent line. :sad:


    ;) Bucket - I agree with everyone on this classic, they're gorgeous but often overlooked.
    ;) Hudson - these are gorgeous and look very handy and comfortable to carry
    ;) Tikal, and to a lesser degree, Tulum
    ;) The Cite range.. not my favourites, but you don't see many of them..