~~~ WHICH LV BAG SHOULD THIS COLLEGE GIRL BUY? ~~~ **Reference Pictures Included**


Which LV Bag Should I Buy For College?

  1. Batignolles Horizontal

  2. Neverfull MM

  3. Neverfull GM

  4. LVOE2 Tote MM

  5. Other (please post)

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I would like a little advice from my fellow LV tPF'ers. :cutesy:

    I am attending college again this Fall and I was wondering which LV bag should I buy.

    I will only be taking 1 class.

    So I will be carrying the following:

    * (1) 8" Length x 10" Height x 1" Thick TEXTBOOK
    * (1) Thin Folder
    * (1) 100 Page Spiral Notebook
    * (1) Ziplock Bag with Pens, Pencils and Highlighters
    * (1) LV PTI Wallet

    The bags I have in mind are the Batignolles Horizontal, Neverfull MM, Neverfull GM and the LVOE2 Tote MM.

    If you have OTHER bags in mind that you think I should buy, besides the ones I have listed, pretty please post it in a comment. I would really appreciate that. (keep in mind that my limit is at $800)

    Batignolles Horizontal: 13.4" Length x 10" Height x 5.4" Thick
    Picture from eLUXURY

    Neverfull MM: 12.5" Length x 11.5" Height x 6.5" Thick
    Picture from eLUXURY

    Neverfull GM: 15.6" Length x 12.8" Height x 7.9" Thick
    Picture from eLUXURY

    LVOE2 Tote MM: 13.4" Length x 13.8" Height x 3.5" Thick
    Picture used from NAKOLULU by her permission * Thanks Girl *

    Thank you so very much everyone in advanced for your vote and/or comment! :okay:
  2. Lvoe tote!!
  3. I vote BH! It just seems made to carry what you described!

    Edit: I actually prefer the BV (I'm 5'7"), but more as a personal bag. I think the BH and it's wider top is just perfect for books, notebooks, etc.... unless you're petite, then the LVoe tote would probably be better size-wise.
  4. Lvoe tote. So cute for school.
  5. Lvoe tote.
  6. you know what my answer is! :graucho: LVoe tote all the way! all the other ones are permanent and you can always get those later if you want. be sure to bring all your books etc to LV and put them in every bag you're considering to truly get a feel for how the weight is on your shoulders. :biggrin:
  7. lol. everybody likes the LVOE tote. but i prefer the neverfull MM. It won't get dirty as easily, and I love the inside lining of the bag. Plus, if you get sick of looking at the 'LV' logos, you can turn the bag inside out to get 'another' bag! isnt that great?
  8. In case it rains where you are I would suggest the Cabas Mezzo due to it's zipper.
  9. Im for the Neverful GM. It seems like it would last longer (as far as wear and tear and style) and it is pretty much gonna be a classic.

    Let us know what you picked. :cutesy:
  10. I say the LVoe tote or maybe even the antiqua????
  11. I voted BH :love: I was considering it myself for university, but decided on the red epi noe which I fell head over heels for last year :p
  12. The BH definetly. Very sturdy for college!
    Have you considered the Hampstead? Then it is an all-weather bag...whereas the mono & love2 you might have to be careful about rain!
  13. LH love a zipper and the cute lock so chic...and spacious to boot...
  14. BH first Neverfull 2nd. Not a big fan of the LVoe tote
  15. I second the hampstead.
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