Which LV bag is this?

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  1. Hey everyone...does anyone know what the name of this bag is? which LV bag is it exactly and where would i find it? thanks all
  2. Is this from the S/S 2007 fashion show? Looks like it might be...if that's the case it is not out yet. Watch for it late 2006 early 2007.
  3. I think this is from the 2006 collection F/W I really need to know the name
  4. In Montreal, it's supposed to come out this month (or next???) well sometime this fall, but then my SA crossed out all the ones with the lacy things right in front my my eyes because it's "cancelled"
  5. Here ya go...
    DSC01590.JPG DSC01592.JPG
  6. well i dont see a handle on the pic i showed u like the one u have but my guess is the one you are interested in, is MORE lol
  7. What a cute bag, but that price!:shocked: