Which LV bag is the one you hate or you'd never buy?

  1. Everybody's asking which is your favourite one or which is the best in your opinion. So, guys, I am asking which is the worst or which is the one you hate/would never buy?
    I would never buy the Speedy, because in Greece every woman who buys an LV bag, that is Speedy. I would like to differ!
  2. There was just a thread made about this... but mine is papillion
  3. I missed the previous thread...but mine is Papillion too.
  4. Papillion! I find it so... ugly and awkwardly shaped.
  5. AWW I love the damier papillion. The bag i would never buy is Ellipse(sp?), any of the Vive cite collection, saumur,congo, coussin, and tambourin. Not that i hate any of these bags they're just not my style. I'm sure there is others i would'nt buy from limited collections, but can't think of them right now.
  6. I can never say never. As soon as I think that, something happens and I decide I actually like the bag.
  7. ooh, eclipse is a "good" one too! (i don't know how to spell it either...)

    "Good" as in "at the bottom of my list".
  8. I've never met an LV I didn't like :p.....lol
  9. The upcoming Prince collection! :upsidedown:And any ostrich. :yucky:
  10. any womans bags lol I don't get how guys wear them lol
  11. its more a won't than a hate for me: anything from the women's collections. one of the very few lines i just won't cross. besides, there are heaps of very good LV bags for men out there anyway.
  12. Hate is too strong of a word ... I don't hate any LV's however, I would not buy the ones that are made of chinchilla's ... I have them for a pet and they are too adorable.
    chin1.jpg chin2.jpg chin3.jpg
  14. i don't care for the viva-cite and i own one!!! i'd have to say i wouldn't buy the Amazon, danube, or neverfull.