which lv bag is that? and what sunglass?

  1. Hello
    The bag looks so great, know anybody the name of these?
    and more important from which designer is the sunglass? know anybody the name of that?
    4xpfujt.jpg 96547_Sylvie_6_Masters_Tournament_717_122_1110lo.jpg
  2. the bag looks like a Tulum GM. the sunglasses are definitely Gucci.
  3. Yup, looks like a Tulum GM to me too.

    OT: I love that guy's Gucci jacket and that girl's Hermes belt!!! :drool:
  4. I love her belt too!:drool:
  5. Yep, definitely Tulum GM and Gucci sunglasses.....I was obsessed with those Gucci's for the longest time!!!
  6. that's a tulum alright and as everyone mentioned....gucci sunnies.