Which LV bag goes with almost everything?

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  1. Which is the LV bag in your collection (or not), in your opinion, is the most versatile?
  2. Speedy Idylle or Speedy B. It can be wore crossbody, as a shoulder bag or hand carry. 3 in 1.
  3. Trevi PM. I can carry it by my shoulder, elbow or hand. It's suitable for all clothes styles of mine. I can use it for working day or going out. And it's spacious, enough for my mini Vaio, zippy wallet, small comestic pouch, card holder, kindle (but all those things are really heavy).
  4. My pomme alma. I use it for work, and on weekends...
  5. id say in general the speedy, in all patterns, either LE or traditional.....
  6. Mono speedy
  7. My Mono Speedy. I can dress her up or down, and she always works! I'm thinking I'll feel this way about my Damier Speedy come next month, too!
  8. speedy, mono or ebene
  9. Mono or Damier Speedy.
  10. The most versatile would have to be my Speedy and my Eva :smile:

    Speedy: Goes with practically anything :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    Eva: Can be dressy (with the chain) or casual (with the shoulder strap) :yahoo::yahoo:
  11. I was going to to say the Speedy, but think it is too casual for dressier affairs.

    I think it would be Tivoli PM: classic Monogram, seasonless, not too big and not too small, dressy and casual.
  12. I would say Monty PM or GM..You can dress this bag up or down. Speedies are classic so those are a definite!
  13. Speedy 30 and Monty
  14. my Almas or Lockits, especially the Noir Lockit. they are very versatile, can be dressed up or casual ... they go with everything!
  15. Alma