Which LV Bag Do You Think Is the Most Flattering Overall?

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I am wondering which LV bag makes women appear the most elegant and feminine etc.. Thanks.
  2. I think it would be the Trevi and Alma :smile:
  3. i love the alma especially in the epi leather.
  4. was thinking the exact same thing!
  5. IMO elegant and feminine takes the the entire outfit and attitude . . . and depending on that, different bags will accentuate that - a beautiful white sundress and a vintage epi speedy (yellow, green, mandarin, etc) screams elegant and feminine. If it's ten below zero and boots and a long coat are worn, a Trevi would be amazing. But overall, I agree that the Alma amazing - I am still devastated that there was a Cassis Alma available a few weeks ago and I did not get it.
  6. Depends on the outfit, most bags make an amazing, elegant and feminine outfit when paired with skirt/dress and heels. If I would have to choose the most elegant bag it would be Alma. I love my in Damier :smile:
  7. Vernis alma! And I must say the white watercolor speedy too! LVoe mine!! :love:

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  8. Alma ...probably the pm even though I have mm's only! :P
  9. I think the Alma and maybe the Tivoli. I love the shape of the Tivoli.
  10. I ALWAYS get comments on my Red Epi Alma. And she makes me feel elegant :smile:
  11. I agree with the Alma also.
  12. I think that the tivoli pm & WC speedy both look extremely feminine.
  13. I would say Alma too. I think it looks good on everybody.
  14. My eclipse Alma, I love how it sparkles!!!
  15. Alma all the way....I have 2 MM's and love them :smile: