Which LV bag do you just stare at in awe?

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  1. Are there any LV bags you own (or really want) that you just find yourself starring at in awe? I'm curious to see what captures everyone's attention! Old and new bags, let's see them all! [emoji7]
  2. I have an Alma PM in Pomme D'Amoure. I never use the bag but I always stare at it in awe! I love the colour and the shimmer. It's that one bag I can't seem to let go of because it is so beautiful lol :love:
  3. The Cluny in Epi leather. Stunning in any color.
  4. My Cabas Alto & Speedy Watercolor 35.
  5. My Milaris
  6. My mother Artsy and anyone Artsy bag...I always love that bag.
    Palm Spring backpack too; the backpack I want/need!
  7. The Sophia Coppola bags do it to me all the time.
  8. Speedy Watercolor,any bags in Stephen sprousse Roses,Cluny and Montaigne in iris..even the humble pochette metis(no longer available for us in Kuwait).
  9. Capucines for me. I fell in love the first time I saw it, and I wanted it right there and then, and then I picked it up and it was like an anvil. So I decided to admire only. Then came the bb....too small. Now with the PM, I feel like it may finally be meant to be! Lighter than the mm but larger than the bb! I feel like Goldilocks waiting for the capucines that's "just right". :lol:
  10. I'm in love with the rouge fauviste colour! I keep finding myself lusting on the Brea MM bags this colour but they're way too big for me :cry:
  11. I don't own but often drool over the soft locket in pink leather. And anything vernis.
  12. Mostly luggage. The Keepall and the Pegase. And mostly on TV because I rarely see those in the wild lol
  13. I love the alma vernis bags but can bring myself to pull the trigger. I doubt I would get much use out of it a and I'd hate to waste money.
  14. The palm print and cruise 16 petite Melle. A girl can dream :balloon:
  15. +1
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