Which LV bag do you carry to the mall?

  1. I was wondering which bag you gals carry to the mall when you know you'll probably be doing alot of shopping?

    I have been thinking of buying an LV bag that would keep my hands free...any suggestions?
  2. I just bring along my pochette accessoires or my mini pochette...light, easy to carry and no fush.
  3. shoulder bag like pochette and hudson PM

    pochette is the best for me..
  4. Pochette Marly Bandouliere or regular pochette (I don't have the extender, so I don't use this bag as much as I would like).
  5. my ribera, its not too heavy and its durable
  6. Pochette, Trotteur, or sometimes I just shove my wallet in my coat pocket. I hate carrying a lot of stuff around the mall.
  7. I carry anything tbh :/ whatever I feel like using..but sometimes my arm does hurt lol
  8. always my speedies, usually my 30 when is a heavy shopping day where i can load up with sour patch kids and a water bottle, or else the 25.
  9. I like the Looping GM because it holds a lot and it has a zippered top so nobody can take anything:smile:
  10. my speedy 40 so i can put things inside my puse when i shope i usually pick up small items like jewlery and such so i just stick it in my huge bag!
  11. Popincourt Haut or Lockit Horizontal
  12. I take my mono Petit Noe.
  13. Probably a small shoulder bag.
  14. A small bag like the pochette accessoires is ideal for me at the mall.
  15. Usually, I carry my speedy, but it depends on my mood. I guess I do not have a shopping bag.