Which LV bag do you carry the most in summer?

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  1. White MC, light color vernis or mono?:P
  2. denim speedy and cerises speedy
  3. Mixture. Depends on my outfit :P
  4. Mono on a daily basis and white MC when I'm out without the baby.
  5. White MC Alma, bucket Ambre, cerises speedy.
  6. Damier Saleya.
  7. whichever suits my mood or outfit
  8. right now the damier speedy
  9. ive been using my perfo speedy to death here.. even tho its winter!!
  10. Well, currently I'm using..........
    <<------------my new Baggy GM in Fuchsia. So pretty for summer!
    I barely got it last wkend. So I haven't gotten to use it much yet. Just to the store a few times.

    "She'll" have her 1st official major outing on Father's Day! WOO HOO! I can't wait!:amuse:

    After the excitement of my Baggy GM dies down a bit....(don't know when that'll be...LOL maybe mid July...Who knows?) Neway.....I want to use my Wh. MC Speedy. Haven't used her in awhile. So probably trade back n' fourth between the 2 throughout the summer...
  11. I am currently using my Damier Speedy.
  12. I know this is the wrong forum to say this but my Large Gucci horsebit!! i just got and I love it....Im waiting for late summer/fall to take out my mizi..
  13. Ditto. :yes:
  14. ^^^ Add me to that list as well!!!:yes:
  15. ^^^ what the first 3 said!!! :P