Which LV bag do u think is most overpriced?

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  1. i love lv, but i think the MC pochette is overpriced..i would rather get a speedy

    what bags do u think are too expensive for what you get
  2. by now i think the MC speedy is way too much.
  3. It seems to me that LV doesn't plan price increases accordingly.. they just increase the price of every item without actually looking at what's getting increased. I TOO agree that the MC Pochette is way too much... no accessory, unless it's a limited item should cost more or anywhere near the bags IMO. I think the most overpriced LVs are their keychains.
  4. yeah its like 2grand USD right?

    sounds a bit overpriced but it is a special collaboration with an artist, making it a work of art that one can carry around every day.

    i still cant believe how much we've been paying for bags.
    a couple of years ago $1000 was the average. Now a normal bag is simply over $2000.

    Take the sac rayure for example.


    as beautiful as that bag is, 2000 [+] USD is rather steep. No matter how beautiful it is.
  5. i agree i think the keychains are wayy to much.
  6. The keychains!
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