Which LV bag did you buy when you heard of the price increase?

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  1. After hearing about the price increase I went out and purchase a LV Speedy B 25 DE.
  2. I like this thread! Good choice on the Speedy B! when I heard, I bought a Rose Angelique Alma PM. And a sweetheart mono sarah wallet. I'm not sure if the latter would've been affected by the price increase. oh well!
  3. Montana Pomme with the strap!
  4. Eva clutch and a cles.
  5. Not a bag but a black mc Cles, but if I had the money I would have got the artsy in infini and a Milla in DA!
  6. I ordered a mon mono NF and am thinking of another bag or shoes before the dreaded price increase.
  7. Trevi pm
  8. Vernis Pochette Accessoire NM in pomme & black/grenade MC cles/coin purse!!!
  9. And if I could I'd finally get an Epi Alma...but that will have to wait :sad:
  10. I bought 3 Speedy B's : 30 in Mono & 35 in Mono & DE
    Beauborg, Trunks Mini Pochette in DE, Trunks key chain in Mono & DE
    ZCP DE
    Ordered the MC Sarah wallet & Cles with the Grenade interior, haven't received it yet.
  11. Wow, congrats! I would love to see how the trunks key chain in mono looks on your bags, I am thinking of that one but not sure if it would work.

  12. Your wish is my command ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391152177.223500.jpg
  13. Thank you so much! Lovely purchases, enjoy!
  14. After debating between the Trevi, Sully, and Delightful, I went with the Sully MM. Not really sure if I made the right choice but I haven't had a chance to wear it out yet

  15. Your very welcome :smile: