Which LV bag carries lots of things...

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  1. #1 Oct 18, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    Hi Everyone...its almost Xmas time, which means hubby will let me get a new LV bag!! YAY! I carry alot of things in my bag...can someone please tell me of the bags I have listed, which of the bags will hold alot of things...but still look cute.
    1) Damier Ebene Berkeley
    2)Damier Ebene Sistina MM
    3) Damier Ebene Saleya MM
    4) Monogram Canvas Totally (heard this one sags though)
    5) Monogram Canvas Tivoli GM
    Thank you all for your help!

    6) Damier Ebene Neverfull MM
  2. I have the Ebene Berkley. It holds a lot (and I like big bags) and looks great. But, it really is hand carry (the straps can be lengthened for shoulder when needed but it is not a great shoulder bag). So, if you are ok with hand carry, Berkely is fabulous!
  3. If you want a gorgeous bag, get the Berkeley. My sis in law has one and i drooool over it all the time! If you dont wanna spend as much, get the NF MM. I have one in Ebene, it can literally fit me in it!
  4. I like the Tivoli GM- it's really pretty and can hold a lot.
  5. The totally!!
  6. Tivoli or Berkeley
  7. The totally... But it is a bit plain and could do with a bandeau or charm to jazz it up a bit!
  8. Hi LVDevotee...thank you for the info!! Actually...I like to be able to do both...just in case if my bag gets too heavy...or if my hands are full...I would like to be able to use it as an shoulder bag. Would I be able to do that? Thank you again!
  9. Totally hands down!
  10. Get the Totally with a shaper.

    The Berkeley is VERY heavy when it has things. I bought it and returned it two days later.
  11. Totally
  12. I love my Tivoli GM. I feel its stylish and it holds a ton of stuff.

    All the bags you listed hold a lot of stuff, but you have to pick the style that suits your taste/style the most!
  13. Totally
  14. You can wear it on your shoulder if you have the straps adjusted to the longest length....but it really is hand carry. One other person mentioned heavy...I have to say, I find it very light. For a "hand bag" definitely comfortable and easy to use (love how roomy it is and love the pockets on the ends for cell phones).
  15. I think the Monogram Canvas Tivoli GM can hold a lot and it is not handheld. I love the Damier Ebene Berkeley, but i own a Speedy 35 and i fill it up and then i regret it... LOL... Because it can hold a lot but it weights a ton too. I would rather have a sholder bag for putting a bunch stuff on it.