Which LV bag are you taking on holiday?


Jan 14, 2014
Dear LV ladies,
I will be travelling to Crete for a nice holiday with my family, next week. I'm doubting wheater I should take one of my LV bags. I own a DE 30 Speedy B, a mono Noe, and a Delightful that I consider taking. I'm thinking of using my Speedy B, but then I'm a bit scared though.... what if I damage or loose the bag? I don't want to leave it at the hotel, but don't want it to be on the beach... any advice on what you would do? Or should I just take my Longchamp totes and Kipling crossbody and play safe...??


Nov 27, 2009
Why don't you take your Speedy DE? I think it's nice to carry a nice bag when having a dinner out.
When you are at beach (actually I'm not sure if the sea is already warm enough to swim) there is no problem leaving your bag to hotel. Cretans are very honest people, no thieves there. That's one of the reasons I have spent my holidays there for six years in a row now, and I always have taken one or two of my dearest designer bags with me.


Jul 7, 2013
I always take 2 bags with me, a big one, mostly a neverfull (for the beach, shopping etc) and a smaller one for the dinner. I'm not afraid of leaving them in the hotel and there always were waiting there for me :smile:


May 5, 2013
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My advice is to get something preloved that is worn in. If you are like me, I can be the most stressful on my bags while traveling. I'm taking a large gucci tote this year, and the petit bucket for when I leave more at the hotel.

I wanted to take a mono canvas with m this year, but I wanted something already well worn, to take the abuse a bit. I found this petit bucket, preloved, had it authenticated at LV and a small repair done to it from LV and I actually LOVE this bag. I find it is a great fit for what I need...the body of the bag fits snuggly under my arm and the straps are just right on my frame. I know its an old classic, but it is really wonderful. Can't wait to use it abroad. The larger gucci tote (like the neverfull) is more for traveling from city to city.



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Feb 9, 2010
United Kingdom
Crete is beautiful, and the Greek people are lovely, but there are thieves everywhere, unfortunately. I take my LVs with me when I travel, but if I'm not taking it with me (for example, to the beach) I'll lock it inside my suitcase in the hotel room. I've never had a problem!


Jan 29, 2010
I think it depends on what kind of holiday you're planning. Is it more casual or at a nice resort? What kind of clothes will you take with you?

If your vacation is very casual and you're going backpacking you can do a Kipling/Longchamp combo.

However, if you're planning to go on nice dinners etc. you may be annoyed that you didn't take a fancier bag with you (especially if you see other ladies wearing LVs). :pout:

There are of course thieves in Crete and I wouldn't necessarily take my bag to the beach with me, but if you're staying at a decent hotel or a nice resort, I don't think you need to worry about leaving it in your room (e.g. locked in your suitcase, as was already mentioned). What about a combo of casual Longchamp during the day, to take to the beach etc. and a prettier bag to take out at night? Longchamp and Speedy B can both be folded and are lightweight, they wouldn't take up too much space, I'd say


Mar 3, 2013
My ideal bags to take on holiday would be a Neverfull MM and a Favorite PM or other small clutch/crossbody like the Eva or Pochette. I also would not be concerned with leaving a LV in a hotel room at a nice resort/hotel. Enjoy your holiday!
I always travel with my bags. Neverfull is my favorite as a travel bag, it holds so her. I could get in and out of a bag quickly and it was quite comfortable with the amount of items I loaded into it.

If I don't take my bag with me, I also lock it in my suitcase and never had an issue.

Happy travels!


Jan 14, 2014
Crete is beautiful, and the Greek people are lovely, but there are thieves everywhere, unfortunately. I take my LVs with me when I travel, but if I'm not taking it with me (for example, to the beach) I'll lock it inside my suitcase in the hotel room. I've never had a problem!
Me too
I like my LVs to travel with me :smile:


Jul 15, 2012
New Jersey
im going on a 3 week honeymoon in a little under 2 months. i plan on bringing my da neverfull mm (airplane bag), my da speedy b 25 (for when i want more security), my de eva (nights out), and my epi noe (beach/resort/low key bag). i am packing the noe in my suitcase, but carrying everything else on. we are staying in higher-end hotels with safes, so im not overly concerned about security.

generally, i bring a bag thats easy to get in and out of, and a bag with more security, and the eva. three lv bags for a 1 week vacation haha


Apr 10, 2012
London, United Kingdom
I 've been on holiday in Barcelona last week, and I took my Noe.
It was a great choice, it's a fantastic travel / holiday bag !

I also took my Cherry Pochette ( with strap from ebay) to have a small crossbody bag for night out.

Have a good holiday!

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Mar 5, 2008
I will be going on holiday to Crete in the Summer. We will be staying at a beach resort. I will be taking my eva mono pochette so I can use for dinner and may travel with de neverfull mm or Speedy b 30 de. I am actually thinking of purchasing a neo neverfull in piment or beige for this type of holiday and weekend casual use in the Summer? I always pack a Longchamp tote in my suitcase in case I need it. Last year in Crete we visited the Island Spinalonga and my Longchamp came in handy for that trip.


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
I bring my Neverfull GM on every trip. I have no problem leaving my bags in the hotel. Never had any issues. Bring what you feel the most comfortable using. I even brought my Epi Alma on my last trip and am glad I did.


Jan 14, 2014
Thanks for all your advice and replies! I think I will pack 2 longchamp totes and 1 Kipling crossbody... to play safe. We will be making a lot of daytrips to other islands and I know myself: I want to take everything in my purse, and for my 4 year old son too... Just don't want to worry about bags anymore ;) it's packing time today!!!xxx