Which LV agenda would you get?


Which size and material?

  1. Epi Small ring

  2. Epi medium ring

  3. Damier ebony small ring

  4. Damier ebene medium ring

  5. Pomme small ring

  6. Pomme medium ring (not sure if this exists?)

  7. Suhali Small ring

  8. Suhali medium ring

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  1. Im looking for a small or medium sized agenda, which size and material would you get one in? TIA!
  2. I would get the pomme small ring.
  3. ^^ I agree. I have this one and love it. It makes me smile everytime I use it..........
  4. PM in Suhali (any colour except sienne), MC white, or Vernis Framboise
  5. I have the small agenda in monogram canvas with the koala clasp and pink interior. For me, it is absolutely perfect.




    You should really check these out in person if you can. I've had my agenda for a year, used it every day, and it's still in near-perfect condition.
  6. Well, I have the small epi in mandarin that I also use as a wallet. I LOVE it!
    It is so cheery and bright, it is super easy to find in any purse I'm carrying. Plus.........it smells good!
  7. I have the Indigo small ring and :heart: it. For this one though, I chose the Suhali. It's gorgeous!
  8. Voted for the damier ebene small ring... I have the koala version & LVOE it!!

    The shiny lock & contrasting red interior just floored me :upsidedown:.

    To me, the red was seductive w/o being too "girly". The pages are big enough for my handwritten "notes to self", and i use the filofax inserts for CC & coins, so it doubles great as a wallet.

    All of the ones you listed are awesome though... you win no matter what you pick! :nuts:
    agenda_plus.JPG downlock.JPG
  9. I've got the damier azur small ring and LOVE it!!
  10. Pomme small ring! It's really cute!
  11. epi medium is my choice..:tup:
  12. i'd go for the damier :yes:

  13. my goodness, this is too cute!!!
  14. Small sized if its to go in a handbag...theres enough room to write important things without it being too bulky.
  15. Medium agenda is the most handy particularly when you have a lot of things to write or papers to stuff inside. I do have a small agenda, too, but only use it in my handbag on the weekends.