Which Luxury Card Case to Purchase?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm not a frequent poster (or shopper!) but I've gotten the bug lately. If you could purchase or recommend a card case which would it be? And why? I'm graduating this semester and I want to get myself a card case before I sell my larger wallets.

    Requirements: It needs to have space for 4-6 cards, cash, luxury, at or under $550. I'm wondering if I should just grad the Saint Laurent Signature card case in the blush color.

    Thank you for your help in advance and please help!
  2. I love Chanel's cardholders and also the Hermes citizen twill cardholder too
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  3. Welcome!

    I don't recommend a light color for a case you will carry every day since it will get dirty - especially when money's involved.
    I adore Chanel cases which are like mini wallets and just got an Hermes Calvi which is not good if you plan to carry change.
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  4. Ladies thank you! I would never put dirty change in something expensive LOL. I'll save that for more affordable pieces I have. The Hermes Twill is silk and I would prefer leather. I'm loving the Calvi! It's on my list of potentials now! What do you guys think of Chanel cardholders? The Chanel website isn't the easiest to navigate and I feel like there are a lot of items missing. I like the quilted cardholder but it doesn't have actual slots.
  5. Have you looked at the Saint Laurent fragment card cases? There's slots for 5 cards and a zipper too for a few bills!

  6. Launer is a British brand that is slightly off the radar for Americans, but they are the royal handbag makers to the Queen of England. They have a whole line of credit card cases, including this one, which is black on the outside and multicolored on the inside: http://launer.com/credit-card-case-multi-colour-en-2.html but you can also work with them to select your own leather colors if you would prefer. They will emboss your initials on the outside of the case, and there is a rear pocket for bills (though no place for coins). The credit card cases hold 6 cards.
    Just something totally different for you to think about... you probably won't see another one like it in your travels, especially if you select your own leather colors! :smile:
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  7. These are number 1 on my list but I'm interested in looking at something Chanel just in case. I rarely buy designer goods so I want to make sure what I buy is almost perfect!
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  9. Hey Everyone!

    I wanted to let you now I ordered the Saint Laurent long cardholder and will update on first impressions when I have it in hand. I think I made the right decision but now I just have to stop myself from buying the Chanel one in red. I saw a chevron one and I got butterflies.
  10. Congratulations on making your decision... I'm sure you're going to love your SL card holder! :heart::heart::heart:
  11. I've been wanting a card case from Louboutin. Cute and reasonably priced considering how much they charge for shoes.
  12. Hi! Do you still have the saint laurent cardholder? What do you think about it? I'm considering purchasing as well.