Which lumineuse color?

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  1. i need help deciding lumineuse empreinte in infini or earth?
  2. Infini :tender:
  3. I thought infini was gone now? If you can get it, I much prefer infini :smile:
  4. I prefer Earth!
  5. I'm all for Infini. I am lusting after the Lumi PM in Infini. Good luck deciding, and don't forget to do a reveal.
  6. Are there any infini Lumi bags left? The color is discontinued. I bought the noir and it is lovely. I looked at the earth and though pretty it just doesn't set off the gold hardware like the infini and the noir do.
  7. Infini if you can get one.
  8. Earth. I chose earth over infini when I got mine.
  9. if you have a lot of mono then i would go for infini. i like variety and i wouldn't want too many brown tone bags.
  10. +1 I have the Artsy Infini and LOVE it!:smile:
  11. Infini
  12. Infini !!
  13. Infini
  14. Infini can match more
  15. Noir!! Nothing says chic like a beautiful black bag.