which luggage pieces?

  1. So far my little luggage collection consist of the Pegase 50, Keepall 50 and the Deauville.

    I want a larger suitcase and I am thinking about the soft ones, the hardside luggage pieces are way too heavy I imagine..

    So I am thinking about the Sirius 55 or 70 (maybe the 55 will be too small and I allready have the pegase 50).

    But I know there are others, satellite and alize pieces.

    For those of you who have seen, opened, have any other luggage pieces than the trolleys, what do you recommend?

  2. Maybe satellite? It's not so heavy as Bistens/Alzer/trunks but it's still quite sturdy and structured.... I think that sirius is too soft.:confused1:
  3. Here they are...:welcome:(pics form elux)
    65.jpg 70.jpg
  4. i like the eole! i know its not the size u r looking for- but i really want one!
  5. any other thoughts?

    I went to look at the Sirius yesterday, but the service at LV Copenhagen (Denmark) is sooo poor. And my favorite SA, I haven't seen him the past few times I have been in there, he usually gives me such great service. The Sirius 70 looked SOOO big on me, but again, it isn't a bag I am going to be going around with!! It was really light, but I am thinking if it is too soft?? I like it to be soft, but .. hmm.. I don't know..