Which love should be my love?

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  1. Hi ladies. I'm an avid Coach and LV owner but I love this love bag. I probably will end up with more than one. But let's say I will only own one. Lol. I plan on using it for amusement parks with my kids, dates with hubby, weddings and a riveria maya vacation were taking in July. So here's my options

    1. Found the dark gray one with silver hardware nwot for around $200
    2. Order the black with gunmetal hardware full price off RM (is it on sale anywhere?)
    3. Order the black with oils slick hardware because it gorgeous
  2. seems all good choice to me, can't go wrong with those color combinations.
  3. I think all would be good choices, but I feel like #1 might be the most versatile.
  4. If you're only going to have one, I'd go for the showstopper with no. 3. Not many brands have oil slick hw, so you might as well get a special one.
  5. Good point. That's true, I have not seen any in stores.
  6. Thanks everyone. I actually found a black chevron on with gunmetal hardware and think got a good deal. I can't wait