Which Love pendant for every day wear?

  1. Dear fellow TPFers, I am looking for a yellow gold small pendant for everyday wear in a very conservative work environment, with collared shirts. I tried on the following 2 from Cartier but can't decide which one is better. What do you think? TIA!
  2. How do I attach photo from iPhone??
  3. Are they too large? Email them to yourself, your phone will ask what size, choose medium.
  4. No I didn't have an option to attach photo using the TPF app. Now on laptop. Here is the photo I took at the store.
  5. sorry it's not a great photo. The one on the left has a diamond on the chain as well as a very small diamond on the loop. The one on the right has pave diamonds all around one loop.
  6. I like the interlocking rings better. Both are beautiful however.
  7. Thanks! The interlocking rings move beautifully when worn. But I'm bit worried it's going to be too trendy that I would get tired of it quickly.
  8. I Ike that too and I don't think it's a trend, it's just the trinity rings... Both are nice choices!
  9. I don't think it's too trendy. I mean I've never seen one on anyone IRL so I don't think they are all too common.
  10. Interlocking rings are more interesting and still a classic piece! I would LOVE to have that necklace!
  11. I was thinking of getting the interlocking as well but I find it too delicate. I wanted something a but more substantial. If you are fine with a delicate necklace then that is a good choice.
  12. I am the minority here but i prefer the necklace on the left, so classic and beautiful!
    If it is possible, maybe you can post pictures of you wearing the necklaces?
  13. I LOVE the interlocking especially with pave diamonds!:P
  14. The photo's not too clear, but i think I like 1st one better. It's simple yet very pretty. I like that it has a diamond and a double chain wrapped around it and thus makes it different from other necklaces which has a ring as a pendant :smile:
  15. I prefer the one on the right