Which Louis Vuitton before retiring??

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  1. Okay ladies I have come to realize that there are so many wonderful designers out there that i have not even begun to tap the market. I am going to concentrate on buying new designer bags and leaving LV alone for a long long while. But FIRST I want to make my last LV purchase.

    Which one would you chose. I narrowed it down to two classic styles that have been around for a long time because i figure I'll only carry this bag one or two months out of the year total (bag rotation) and I want to get a timeless style. Since my bags are always on rotation I plan to use it for work, shopping or whatever I feel like that day. I need it to be versatile :P

    I just spent a lot of $$ on a couple of Fiore bags so I probably will wait and make this a Christmas present to myself but just wanted to get yalls opinions early. The Babylone (1st pic) or Sac Plat (2nd pic)

  2. I like the first, my mom got me a sac plat and I made her take it back and get something else lol. Just not my style I suppose. Also, I don't think it looks that good carried, kind of an odd shape. The other bag looks more practical.
  3. I think the Sac has a very awkward shape - for such a long bag it has such tiny handles - I would definitely go with the Babylone, the long straps makes it much easier to take shopping.
  4. Definately the Babylone, however, are you sure you want to pick a bag on the larger side? Large bags are "in" this season, but may be out in the next. You may want to choose a smaller bag that will be a little more versitile.

    But hey, its your money, and if you're going to go for one last Louis, might as well make it one that you love. ;)
  5. I definitly want a larger bag. I have been wanting a babylone for the past couple of years, i just started thinking about the sac plat. i dont think the babylone will ever go out of style.
  6. The babylone for sure the Sac will be a hassle to carry around , for ur everyday errands. Babylone is a get up and go bag
  7. Oh, I love the Babylone! When are they retiring? I think that I need to make my this first LV purchase! thanks for showing me a bag that is perfect for me! I think it would make the perfect Christmas gift too!
  8. babylone! it'd be easier to carry while shopping since it'd free up your hands.
  9. Don't worry. LV is not retiring. I'm just looking to make my last LV purchase before I retire the brand and focus on other designers. I've decided that it should definitly be a Babylone!!!! :biggrin:
  10. Sac plat is my choice :smile: To be honest, one of my favorites..especially in the Damier
  11. Sac Plat is great if you carry lots of papers! I vote Babylone!
  12. I vote Babylone...the Sac Plat is more of a briefcase-style bag.
  13. I vote for the Babylone- I have always loved it! I know what you mean about slowing down with the LVs and tapping into other designers. LV has been my fav until I discovered this forum. I've been on here a week and I already have a white Furla Farrah and black Kooba Sienna on the way, I am on the wait list for the Chloe Edith and Gerard Darel Charlotte, and have talked to a SA at Balenciaga and am trying to decide between a City or a Purse in ink........Somebody stop me!!!!! :nuts: I have a feeling I will be educating myself on the art of ebay selling to help fund my ever growing addiction !
  14. Babylone for sure-I held the sac plat for about 1/2 minute and did not like the handles-not comfy for a shopper like me! But choose what you love instinctively..your best bet.
  15. UPDATE:


    I just dug this out ....its an old thread of mine from over a YEAR ago......saying that I was going to take a break from LV and retire for a while. :roflmfao:

    I'm sure my intentions were good but that's funny. LOL. Never happened. I'm still going strong :roflmfao: :roflmfao: