Which Louis Vuitton Bag is it???

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  1. hi at all,

    i`m looking for the name of this beautyful bag by LV. i just know that it is a limited edtion.i dont have a LV store near by me,so i cant ask there.so please help me.
    DSC00418.JPG DSC00419.JPG DSC00420.JPG DSC00421.JPG
  2. Just taking a guess.... but it looks like it's from the Op Art Line? :shrugs:

    The only bag I know from this line is the Op Art Verty... I'll look to see if I can find the name for ya. ;)

    Monogram Op Art: The leather is embossed with the Monogram pattern. The finish is even glossier than the Glacé leather's. The bags themselves often have an "arty" appearance, with asymmetrical designs and large geometrically shaped tags. The color choice is red or black.
  3. :tender: hrhrhr...

    yes you are right..it must be this line....thank you very much...and if you can find me the right name and maybe the price for it,it would be wonderful...big thanks
  4. I'm taking that the bag is called the Longuy... Model Number 92812?
  5. yep. it is indeed the Longuy :yes: you don't see a lot of the Op-Arts around. if you can get one.... grab it!
  6. nice nice!!!!

    what about the value of this nice bag?????cause i want to sell it !!!!

    thanks my friends
  7. It is called a Monogram Op Art Longuy.:yes:
  8. its def. op art, it has a high value now that its discontinued... but not alotta ppl know about it...
  9. Wooo! Pretty! lol
  10. wow. thanks for posting. i'm not familiar with this line, but i am now intrieged. its lovely, and very obscure.
  11. hey,

    so can anyone tell me the minimum price for selling the bag??i want to sell it in ebay and i dont know how much $ i schould demand?!?
  12. You may want to take it to an LV just to make sure its authentic. There are so many fakes...it's better to be safe before you try to sell it. Good luck!
  13. it`s 100% authentic.my girlfriend got it from LV Frankfurt some years ago
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