which louis should come home ?!

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which one should come home

  1. metis pochette

  2. neverfull neo gm

  3. neither

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  1. Hey guys so i am in a little bit of a bind I want to get one more bag before the price increase this month and am stuck between the never full neo gm or the metis pochette.

    Yes these 2 are completely different! styles LOL
    But initially I wanted to get the never full to have a tote in the collection however the mm is pretty small for a tote at least while the gm is kinda too big bt if i had to pick a size it would be the gm. However I am kinda undecided and therefore it makes me question the purchase.

    I love cross bodies i own speedy b's and the metis love the versatility with the never full your pretty much have a shoulder bag and thats pretty much it where as the metis pochette can be used cross body and handheld the strap are also interchangeable which is a nice thing to have the only thing is its quite small perhaps too small?

    Any advice would be great!:smile:
  2. If you don't have a neverfull yet I would definitely recommend getting it! It's my favorite bag! I have the mm and gm in DE and I love yj both so much!!!! You will not regret it !!!
  3. I'd go with the Neverfull. The Pochette Metis is really pretty but it is a smaller bag. If you like bigger bags, you might get more use out the Neverfull.

    Totally voted for the Pochette Metis anyway, I meant to vote NF...time for bed!
  4. looks like i may be leaning that way thanks for ur input i can honestly say i have never heard a complaint about regarding functionality of the never full :P

    HAHA thanks it seems that the never full will deft carry everything i need and then some LOL
  5. Neverfull! I couldn't live without mine!
  6. metis pochette
    also did you check the siracusa or the odeon?
  7. Metis pochette. You will get lot of use out of it
  8. Neverfull GM
  9. Metis
  10. Metis Pochette
  11. Metis is a bit heavier and nf is lighter...
  12. Have you tried both on in the store? Which looks better on you?
  13. Neverfull in NEO GM :smile:
  14. metis.
    you can wear it in 3 ways - versatility
    I love the lock design (not magnetic) - security
    lining is rich suede - craftmanship
    flap design and size reminds me of a chanel flap - class

    what more can you ask for?
  15. I was pretty surprised how much I liked the metis pochette so I vote metis pochette