which louie is right for a 14 y/o

  1. which kind of louie is right for a 14 y/o? :smile: ;) :yes:
  2. A suhali would look super cute! It's the cutest line IMO.
  3. I think a mono pochette would be nice.
  4. i 2nd the mono pochette
  5. yes..mono pouchette.
  6. A mono pochette, an epi pochette (maybe in the blue or red) or a damier/mono papillon.
  7. Suhali line is a little expensive for a 14 year old.
    One of the cheapest items is $1,500.00

    Like I said, Mono Pochette would be suitable.
  8. Can anyone tell me what a "miror" bag means? I have had my head stuck in Coach world for the last ten years and need a break, but I can't understand these Chanel terms!

    Kitty in Florida
  9. I think a pochette would be a good idea too...:yes:
  10. Welcome to TPF! The miror is like a shiny bag that looks a little like tin foil, but in a good way lol. It's made of like PVC and is limited edition. I think its purrrty. Also it's Louis Vuitton not Chanel ;)
  11. mono pochette!

    or cerises or panda pochette..they are a bit more $$ and LE, but super cute for a 14 y/o....
  12. Miroir bag is a Louis Vuitton bag that came out as the spring/summer 2007 range. The bags come in sliver and gold and are mirrored. The miroir range consisted of keepall, pochette, papillon, speedy, Alma Voyage and cles keyring :flowers:
  13. What did you get your daughter? Are you thinking of exchanging it?
  14. I'd go for a Speedy 25. :yes:
  15. I wouldn't spend more than a Mono Pochette on a 14 y/o