Which Louboutins to choose..?!

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  1. Ok I can only buy one of these two & I cant decide..
    Lapono Patent-

    Black canvas Alicette (cannot upload pic so here is link)


    I want them mainly to wear with skirts/dresses so Im thinking maybe the Alicette would look better? But then I love the Lapono Patents sooo much:p But do you think they would look good with a dress?
    Help me decide! :confused1:
  2. I love both pairs !!
    . I think that you can wear both with dresses and skirts with a nice pair of dark tights. I like the Aliccette's better. ..
  3. I vote Lapono's ... personally I think I would grow tired of the Aliccette's quicker.
  4. Hmmm... Think Im going to have to try both on again! :girlsigh:
  5. I prefer the Lapano, I love this style. I would love to get it but it just doesn't look right on me.
  6. I also prefer the Lapano -- and I love the zipper accent!
  7. another vote for Lapono! in addition they were more comfortable for me than the alicettes when I tried them on.
  8. I vote for the Lopano because you mentioned that you planned to wear the shoes more frequently with dresses. I think the Lopano is more versatile and can be worn dressy, casual, with dresses or skirts. They look great with tights.

    I have the Alicete in a different color combination than the one you posted, but find that I don't like how they look with a skirt or dress.
  9. Not feeling the Alicettes... LAPONOS ALL THE WAY!! I think they will actually look better with skirts and dresses than the Alicette. And I also agree with PurseEnthusiast. I think I would get sick of em within a month or so.
  10. I like the Lapono's much better. I think the zippers are really cute and the whole look of the shoe is much more modern. I think that the whole "oxford bootie" trend will be dated by next year but the Laponos are more unique so they'll be less tied to a season.
  11. Laponos for sure!
  12. Laponos. They would look great with the shift dresses and trapese dresses that are in this fall. They would also look great with a high waisted pencil skirt and you could wear them with pants.
  13. team lapano. I think I might get a pair for my birthday, but I need to find a size 42. Do they run TTS?
  14. Goodness--they're both GORGEOUS!!!

    I think the Lapono style is really cute and very "new." They might be a bit more fun to wear. (Although I would take either style! :heart:)
  15. Another vote for Laponos, they look much sexier and funkier.