Which Louboutin shoes: Pigalle Plato 120 or Doracora 100?

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  1. I'm trying to decide between these 2 pairs of Louboutin shoes. Love both of them, but can get only one of the two pairs. So, which ones are nicer shoes,-- the Pigalle Plato 120 Black Patent OR the Doracora 100 Black Patent (with the red heart in front)? They are both pretty comfortable and beautiful and they are the same price. :smile: So, the question is which ones look nicer and fancier and are a better investment? I'm interested to see your votes/opinions. (See the pics below...) Please help!.. Thanks a lot, in advance!...

    Pigalle Plato:

  2. If you want fancier, I'd say the PP. IMO Doracora is more cutesy and slightly kitschy. The red heart and rounder toe shape makes it more girly and less sophisticated and classy. I'm not knocking the Doracora at all. I actually have a pair in ballerina pink with shocking pink heart. In comparison between the two, I find the black patent PP more classic. GL with your choice. Please share which one you end up getting.
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    Thanks a lot for your opinion. I will see few more votes/opinions, and will make a decision. But so far, looks like I'm more inclined toward Pigalle Plato, since it's a classic, timeless piece.
  4. PigAlle Plato for sure. Like lavender said pp is definitely more sophisticated and classy. I'm not a big fan of the rounded toe in the Dora cora.
  5. Pigalle Plato. A non-platform, non-patent Pigalle is even classier.