Which looks better Damier or mono french purse?

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  1. I love both. I was leaning towards the damier one but I somehow feel that I "should" have a mono wallet. What do you think?

    I have a damier saleya pm and mono speedy 30.
  2. Damier
  3. I prefer it in the mono because I love mine:tender:
  4. Mono
  5. Damier
  6. I think Mono...just looks much more feminine I think. I like Damier for its simplicity, and think it looks good on a bag such as the Tivoli, but might be a bit plain for a wallet. Just my two cents...obvs go for what you like! Not what you think you should like!
  7. mono...
  8. Damier all the way! Mine is over four years old now and still looks pretty new!
  9. I like it in Mono better or Damier Azur.
  10. I prefer the mono because it looks more feminine than the damier.
  11. I have the Mono French Wallet but I wish that I had bought it in Damier, so go for Damier!!!
  12. As much as I love Damier, I'd have to say Mono on FP, the pattern plays up FP's shape much better...what about Azur?
  13. Damier and I want one too.
  14. Mono
  15. anymore suggestions?