Which look do you like?

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  1. I'm getting ready to buy a new pair of high heel pointy toe boots for fall/winter and I'm wondering -

    Should I get a pair of loose fitting boot and wear pants inside or a pair of tight fitting boots and wear pants over them?

    Could you please give me your opinion on which look you like and why?

    Thanks everyone.

  2. I prefer pants over...
  3. Depends on your body shape. I can't pull off the pants inside boots look so I go with the pants outside look. Pants outside- chic, elegant. Pants inside (sexy, if you have a sexy body, silly otherwise).
  4. If you're going with a very pointy toe, I personally prefer them inside pants rather than outside. Just a personal preference, I think, but since you asked for opinions, I thought I'd share. :flowers:
  5. which pointy-toe boots are you looking at andrea? i would love to know, as i'd like another pair myself :smile:
  6. by the way, i've thought about this issue too when buying boots. since i know you have a ton of pointies andrea :P , wearing pants over pointy boots is really almost the same as wearing normal pointies with pants...but the boots over pants look is super cute and in style now, and you can't pull it off with anything but boots. hope i helped :yes:
  7. I think it depends on what kind of pants u own/wear. If u wear alot of skinney jeans/pants, go with the tucked in boots. But, if u wear/own alot of flared pants/jeans, go with the boots inside the pants. If u wear/own about the same amount of both kinds of pants, there is nothing u can do except buy 2 different pairs of boots!! :yes:
  8. I find pointy-toed high heeled boots on the dressy side and prefer wearing pants over them or wearing them with a skirt or dress. More casual boots I'd wear tucked inside pants.
  9. I LOVE that answer - just gives me a reason to buy 2 pair of boots. Thank you - I NEEDED that - LOL
  10. I'm actually lookingat quite a few different boots - so hard to find everything I like in the same pair.

    I LOVE the nice POINTY toe on the Luichiny's but the heel is like 2 inches too low for me.

    I really like the heels on the House of Dereons but I do wish the toes had a wee bit more point to them.

    What styles are you looking at?

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  11. I LOVE the 2nd one - I was looking at that also. The first one is also gorgeous...that's like at least a 3 inch heel...you're looking for 5??? :nuts: you crazy! I honestly haven't found any great pointy boots, cept from charles david, and they all look kinda plain to be frank...
  12. Whats wrong with a 5 inch heel? I wear those quite a bit actually. You're right - the CD's do look too plain to me. Have you come back to pointies? Good Girl!
  13. Actually the Luchiny looks more like a 2 1/2 inch heel to me. Most of the heels I really like are from like 4 1/4 to 4 1/2... and I do like that extra 1/2 inch over a 4 inch heel for some reason - guess it's just the way my body is balanced or something. Charles David boots are kinda plain looking - but I do LOVE some of their new pointy pump styles - lots of detailing around the point - yummy!

  14. Agreed. :yes:
  15. Those are seriously sexy boots!:yes: