Which Long wallet would you choose? MJ or LV?

  1. I am researching for my first long wallet. I have always carried small ones like the LV Ludlow. I have been folding my bills and stuffing them into the coin compartment for many years now.

    Whenever i try to pay, bills, coins, receipts are all being pulled out all at the same time. I am starting to hate this disorganized and messy way of life, hence the search for a long, functionable wallet starts.:graucho:

    I saw two styles today that i liked.

    Please help me take a look and let give me some advice and ideas! Which color would you choose and in which style?? If you have other suggestions, please share them with me!!

    1. MJ quilted zip wallet (Cream)
    2. MJ quilted ursula wallet (Chalk)
    2. LV Pochette wallet in epi or Vernis (in Epi - Mandarin or Red) (In Vernis - Pearl or Fuchia)

    I am worried about color transfer on the MJ and LV Vernis wallets. What do you thinK??

    Thank you all in advance.
    ursulazippedclutch.jpg ursulazippedclutch_detail.jpg ursulazippedclutch_Black.jpg Picture 4.png Picture 3.png Picture 5.png Picture 6.png Picture 8.png Picture 9.png
  2. the MJ is stunning i must say!! however i dont know which colors you mentioned? the chalk.. is it white? << sorry i am bad with color names!! and the cream? is it the kind of butter color? :rolleyes:

    if so!! both are beatiful i imagine!! even the black one u posted looks beautiful..!! but i prefer a happy color!! :flowers:

    now to LV.. i think the one you posted is nice.. but i would prefer red!! such a strong lovely color!! :cool:

    mmm i have as well a suggestion.. a Mulberry one i personally saw it two weeks ago and thought it was nice as well :amuse: !! i saw it in the light color.. it should come in chocolate too (as in pic)
    (images.. were taken from their official sites)

    all i must say are great choices!! but i lean towards the MJ!! i think its unique!! :love:

    by the way i feel for you!! i have had this problem all my life!! i dont know when i'll be brave to get a french purse that makes my life easier!! :P
    red_lv.jpg mulberry1.jpg mulberry2.jpg
  3. LV epi lasts a really long time. My mom has had her red wallet for 5 years and its still going strong. LV vernis is a PITA when it comes to color transfer so bear that in mind if it will be used as an everyday wallet. I really like the MJ but don't own one.
  4. vanilla_addict, Thank you for your suggestion. I have seen that mulberry before and really like it too. I somehow feel that the MJ is more fun. You think? I was looking at the off-white/cream color with I can't seem to find a photo of it on the internet!!

    harlem_cutie, while i agree with you on the LV epi being a classic piece, i am attracted to the MJ's stylish look. Now that you have confirmed my doubts on the vernis, i will not be considering it. I hate color transfers. And i don't like to baby my wallets.
  5. The MJ wallets may look nice, but they're larger than average, and they weigh a ton. Personally, I don't think the Vernis line is worth the trouble or the money as it's not the most durable, and the EPI WILL show wear eventually unless you baby it. I ordered an EPI wallet a couple of months ago, and I sent it back because it suddenly reminded me of all the usual leather problems people had with them when I sold LV.

    I'd go with the Mono or Damier lines instead, and if you want leather, seriously check out Bally if you have a store nearby. They have fabulous Italian-made wallets for about $325 and under, and they hold a lot without weighing a ton.
  6. I just bought the MJ quilted zip in Lobster and its GA GA gorgeous!!:yes: I'm use the interior for my blush and lipgloss and i only carry around my D/L and one cc and a wee bit of cashola. Its really beautiful!:biggrin:
  7. Here's the ursula quilted wallet in chalk. The quilted zip wallet is in the same color, maybe slightly creamier.
  8. And the interior...
  9. wow..MJ wallets are so pretty and that chalk color it TDF! I am a true blue LV :heart: so I vote for LV!!!!!
  10. I'd have to recommend the MJ...I've got several, [sap (green), denim (blue...leather, not fabric), black...no quilted or patents, though] and they're indispensable. I'm kind of rough on things, and they sure do take a licking...plus, they hold so much, so nicely (I just can't seem to ever 'travel' light). As Ammietwist wisely forewarned, they do weigh a ton, for a wallet, but I like that...the obvious substantial-ness. In addition, you can always use it as a clutch proper (it is, after all, a "Zip Clutch").

    Happy choosing...:smile:

    The MJ would also pair nicely with your new Blake...especially in a complimentary color...:idea:
  11. Yes Sick4Marc, I love the idea of matching wallets and bags. Fun. I was leaning towards the quilted cream zip clutch because i needed something that would not clash with the different color bags i have. The quilted cream seems to be the perfect neutral color for all the bags. I'm only afraid it might get dirty easily. Or is it more forgiving because it's urm, patent?
  12. Thanks Ammietwist, for the advice. The MJ zip clutch really does weigh quite a fair bit compared to most of the other designer's wallet. I would have to seriously consider the total weight of it after i throw in everything i want in it. Bally sounds like it might work. My friend has a bally wallet she's used forever.
  13. Luna_: Is Item #1 (Zip Clutch) made of regular quilted leather? I saw it in both Patent & Non-Patent Leathers.

    Chalk is the color name for White/Off-White used in MJ's Ursula line (Patent Leather). Ivory was used in his Quilted Non-Patent Leather.

    Zip Clutch has expandable compartments so it is able to hold more than regular wallet; it can be used as an evening clutch by itself as well.
    TFS member Silk posted pictures of her Blush Zip Clutch, take a look to see how much it can hold. I'm not sure if you are a member there so I saved her pictures for posting here. The original pictures are located at these 2 postings:

    If you are concerned with White/Off-White colors, Blush (neutral pink) is another option. It's very nice, I'm looking for one myself. =)
  14. I do think the MJ wallets are beautiful, and I always stop to look at them when I go up the escalator at Bloomies, but the weight matters way too much to me as I'm trying to lighten up whenever possible.

    Give Bally a look though because they might have something that works. They do have a lambskin one, quilted, that's a bit too delicate, but the pebbled leather is really soft and sturdy. The one I got was in black, and it has the Bally insignia embossed on the front. It was $295 I believe. They had a gorgeous one that had a buckle, I think, on the front for $325. One thing I really like with mine is that it opens up beautifully so you can easily get to your money. It'll definitely hold more than I'm likely to put in there.

    Good luck on the wallet hunt!

  15. i have the mj classic zip clutch in black patent, and i love love lover it! it makes me smile whenever i take it out.
    personally, i like that one the most since you can also use it as a clutch- it has more of a dual function. however, if you get the zip clutch in cream, i'd get it in the regular leather (non-patent) since i hear lighter patent leathers have a tendency to yellow over time.

    i wouldn't get a vernis piece bc it would just be too stressful thinking about possible color transfer. i think LV epi leather is wonderful. i have a bag in the old red color (from '93) and it still looks like new. imo, they last forever!